Marketplace finance is the key to your global expansion

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Financing your merchants is the key to growth


eCommerce marketplace finance gives your merchants the opportunity to scale sustainably. In supporting and funding your sellers growth, you will drive loyalty from your existing traders and attract new ones.

TradeBridge delivers a revolving working capital facility to help eCommerce merchants seize the opportunity to take their business to scale, if your merchants can scale, then your marketplace can expand sustainably.

Without vital cashflow to meet the surging demands of customers, online merchants fail. More than 30% of the online merchants that failed in 2020, did so simply because they ran out of cash at the most vital time. *

Cashflow is vital to ensure that your merchants always have the stock to fulfil orders. The provision of a working capital solution ensures that sellers can continue to function while they are waiting for your payment cycle to process.


In 2021 the eCommerce industry grew by nearly 19%

The COVID19 pandemic acted as an accelerant to the already changing retail landscape. Following an unprecedented year of growth, the eyes of the investing world are fixed on the sector.

• Two billion people will buy something online in 2021

• 300 million customer accounts on Amazon – 2021

• Two million sellers use Amazon - 2021

• 169,782 new sellers joined Amazon’s marketplaces in 2020

As new marketplaces emerge to cater to every imaginable customer need, all seek a competitive advantage. For the entrepreneurial leaders of online retail, the provision of merchant finance will be a necessity to ensure they keep pace with then competition throughout the continuing surge of global eCommerce dominance.

As eCommerce becomes established as a legitimate profession in 2021, online traders will continue to sell across a range of marketplaces and on their own websites. The marketplaces that can fund their sellers growth, will drive loyalty and longevity in their relationships.


TradeBridge has funded eCommerce globalisation since 2013

TradeBridge have been providing working capital solutions globally, across a range of industries since 2013. Operating in sectors such as, retail, manufacturing, construction, commodities, and eCommerce.

For the last five years, TradeBridge has worked directly with a renowned international fashion marketplace, to develop an eCommerce merchant finance product that has driven the globalisation of their business.

With the ongoing support of a TradeBridge eCommerce finance solution for their merchants, our client has seen exponential growth, is now listed on the New York Stock Exchange and operates on a global scale.